Please find below a selection of courses from recent years, including some syllabi, and an overview of my PhD supervisees.


Introduction to International Relations
Leuphana | Undergraduate | Summer 2023


Democracy and International Relations
Leuphana | Master | Winter 2022/23

Constructivism as a Social Theory
Leuphana | Undergraduate | Winter 2022/23

Power in international relations
Leuphana | Undergraduate | Summer 2022


Regional Organizations
Leuphana | Undergraduate | Winter 2021/22

Political Justifications
Leuphana | Undergraduate | Winter 2021/22


Global and Regional Governance
University of Göttingen | Graduate | Summer 2018


Design of International Organizations
University of Göttingen | Graduate | Winter 2016/17


Europe in the World
University of Göttingen | Undergraduate | Winter 2014/15

Globalisation and Global Governance
University of Göttingen | Undergraduate | Summer 2015

PhD supervision

I am currently supervising the following PhD dissertations:

  • Mona Saleh, Leuphana University Lüneburg (2018-), topic: institutional overlap and the legitimacy crisis of regional organizations in Africa
  • Luca Giebeler, Leuphana University Lüneburg (2024-), topic: Big Tech Lobbying in European Policy-Making: Who wins, where and why?

Completed dissertations:

  • Niklas Krösche, GIGA (2023), title: “Explaining African Union Conflict and Crisis Interventions: The Drivers and Dynamics of Security Regionalism in Africa”
  • Swantje Schirmer, GIGA (2022), title: “Why Do Regional Organizations Legitimate Via Human Rights? Set-theoretic Configurations of Localization, Agents, and Audiences of Legitimation”
  • Leonardo Bandarra, GIGA (2020), title: “Nuclear Latency and the Participation Puzzle: Constructing the International Non-proliferation Regime”
  • Mariel Reiss, Marburg University (2020), title: “Constructing the East African Community: The Impact of African and European Regional Organizations on the Emergence and Institutional Design of the East African Community” (second supervisor)
  • Insa Ewert, GIGA (2017), title: “The China Watchers: EU Trade Policy in the Making” (second supervisor)