Legitimation Strategies of Regional Organizations (LegRO)

LegRO estimates the legitimation strategies of 28 regional governmental organizations (ROs) in the period from 1980 to 2019. We examine discursive, institutional and behavioral legitimation strategies on the basis of annual reports, generally issued by an RO’s general secretariat, and final communiqués of meetings of heads of state and government.

Scoring is annual and the unit of analysis is the individual IO.


** Please save the file on your hard disk before opening; each data file is a zip file.**

Last updated: 23 May 2023. 



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Research Team

The LegRO dataset was assembled by Tobias Lenz, Henning Schmidtke, Niklas Krösche, and Swantje Schirmer. The project was funded by the Leibniz Association’s Junior Research Group “Causes and Consequences of Legitimation Strategies of Regional Organizations” (grant number #31/2017).

With thanks to the people who have provided valuable research assistance over the years — Max Boiten, Kyle Chan, Jan Dorsten, Alaya Ehrlich, Avigaelle Halevi, Zak Merdi, Benjamin Neudorfer, Rick Scholten, Sydney Rehder, Kai Stern, and Emily Venturi.