Course level: Graduate

Summer 2018
University of Göttingen

This course is an advanced introduction to the field of International Relations. It offers students the opportunity to deepen and supplement their knowledge of this field, which they acquired during their bachelor’s degree. The course is designed as a reading course and is conceptually and analytically oriented. Based on selected theoretical perspectives and concepts, it serves to provide you with the analytical tools for your own scientific work and to enable you to study international relations in more depth. The content of the course is divided into three parts, each of which deals with (I) the history of the international system, (II) central theories of global and regional governance and (III) selected concepts of the subject using concrete empirical examples. The analytical focus of the seminar will be on the tension that arises empirically and analytically from the juxtaposition of global and regional perspectives.

Global and regional governance_syllabus (159.96 KB)